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Deta's Effort Towards a Sustainable Future

Celebrated every year in the UK since 2021, ‘The Great Big Green Week’ aims to promote positive action for the protection of this planet by raising awareness of climate change prevention and environmental protection initiatives.

We at Deta have been making a conscious effort to contribute towards increasing sustainability efforts across our entire brand portfolio. Taking the approach of continuous development, Deta has been proactively improving sustainability initiatives throughout its business culture and practises. Here is a quick look at exactly how Deta is supporting The Great Big Green Week 2023:


Solar Power & Water Harvesting

Since moving into its new Headquarters in February 2020, Deta have been utilising solar panels mounted on the roof of the building to generate clean and renewable energy on-site, helping to continually reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, the office is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system that makes every drop of water count, proactively collecting and filtering rainfall to be reused in toilets and bathroom sinks located throughout the building.

Contributing a significant proportion of power and water to this 70,000 sq. ft. purpose built facility, Deta is now less reliant on traditional power and water sources than ever before, taking a crucial step in our journey towards a sustainable future.

Looking after Nature

Keen to preserve the nature that surrounds Deta’s facilities, provisions have been made for wildlife living nearby. Home to hedgehogs, squirrels and other animals, Deta has installed wooden homes to provide a safe and open area for them, in which they are using to nest and hibernate.

Transferring to Green Energy

Choosing to make the switch towards more sustainable travel, many employees from all Deta brands have begun the transition towards electric vehicles with most of the area sales team now using hybrid (HEVs/PHEVs) or fully electric (BEVs) vehicles to control the environmental impact through a reduction of carbon emissions.


One of Deta’s continuous and long-term goals is its reduction of plastic packaging across a wide variety of products in all brands.

Focusing on reducing non-biodegradable plastics, this goal is being achieved by gradually removing environmentally damaging materials and replacing them with biodegradable alternatives or removing packaging entirely where possible.

A New Sustainability Brand

Deta launched eVolo earlier this year, a new brand offering products that seamlessly combine Deta’s core value of environmental preservation with its long established and trusted reputation.

As energy sources continually evolve towards more eco-friendly alternatives, eVolo will utilise cutting edge technologies to offer solutions that will help reduce carbon emissions, and thereby having a positively impact on the environment.

In support of the EV charge point launch, eVolo is planting a tree for every unit sold. Another step towards a carbon neutral future, the planting of trees is part of Deta's ongoing pledge towards a sustainable future for everyone.

Already making waves in the months following eVolo’s launch, Deta has recently won the Green Pioneer Award at the Autel Energy Partner Summit in Amsterdam. Commended for its continuous drive towards more sustainable alternatives with eVolo EV charge points, this award inspires the Deta team to continue its sustainable innovation efforts in the years to come.

View the eVolo EV charge point range.

Focused on a Greener Future

As there is always more to do in order to reach a truly sustainable future, Deta will continue to look at ways that all brands can continue to innovate and cut down on carbon emissions, ensuring customers have peace of mind that using products will contribute towards a positive environmental impact.

To read our full Environmental and Sustainability Policy, click here

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