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The Brackenheath Blog: The Colour Changing Game Changer

Lightings newest and brightest evolution

Back in 1917, history was made as inventor Oleg Lesev reported the creation of the world’s first LED. Over 100 years later, LEDs most recent innovation is ready to propel the industry into the far future: Colour-changing technology.

Since they achieved mainstream popularity in 2008, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have garnered a reputation for their incredible energy efficiency, extended lifespans and design flexibility, becoming the new dominant force in the lighting industry. Ever since then, LEDs have developed into the standard lighting choice for many in the UK and show no sign of slowing down.

More efficient, versatile and longer lasting, LEDs are figuratively and literally outshining traditional incandescent bulbs in nearly every meaningful comparison!

Continually undergoing innovation, LED tech has recently developed ground-breaking colour-changing technology, allowing lighting to change between colour temperatures in an instant.


What are colour temperatures?

Try to visualise lighting as a sliding scale from the warmest ‘yellow’ light to the brightest ‘white’ light. This is the foundations of colour temperature.

Measured in Kelvin (K), visible light for us humans is generally in the range of 1000K (candlelight) to 10000K (Blue sky). The brighter the light, the higher the ‘Kelvin’ measurement. For LEDs, temperatures are typically between 2700K and 6500K.


Warm Lighting

2700-3000K provides a warm lighting temperature, effective at creating relaxed and calm spaces using a soft light that is slightly yellow in appearance. A perfect choice for restaurants and social spaces, the warmer temperatures create an ambient atmosphere where people are free to chill out and socialise in comfort.

Natural Lighting

The 3000-4500K range contains the most natural temperatures, provide a brighter white light to illuminate work areas without causing unnecessary eye strain. A good all-rounder best applied in bathrooms, kitchens and offices, pure white light is great at making rooms feel sharp and appealing, keeping people keenly focused on their surroundings.

Brightest Lighting

6500K< is reserved for the brightest lighting temperatures, giving off a stark white or even blue appearance. Used to draw attention to key areas, recommended applications include warehouses, product display counters and exterior lighting, all of which helps retain a person’s focus and ensures they are fully aware of their environment.


Current Problems, New Solutions

The big issue with lighting solutions of the past was they could only offer a single lighting temperature.

But one colour temperature certainly won’t be enough for all your lighting needs. Luckily for you, this is a problem of the past thanks to advancements in CCT3 technology.

An improvement on its predecessors, colour changing LEDs contain multiple light temperatures in a single product, available to change between warm, neutral and cool temperatures in an instant.

Offering unparalleled flexibility, one product can now be the solution to all your lighting needs.


Brackenheath’s Colour-Changing Solution

At Brackenheath, we have been making the most of colour-changing LED tech and are proud to showcase our new and improved commercial lighting solution. CCT3 & Power4 Weatherproofs are new to our range and have been created with versatility in mind.


Colour-Changing Potential

Equipped with high-performance LEDs, our products use internal selectors. These allow you to change the colour temperature and power output to your exact requirements.

Temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 6500K are included, providing a warm, pure white or cool temperature respectively.


Power4 Potential

A new feature included with the Weatherproof range, the Power4 internal selector allows switching between four power options, changing the lumen output to your desired requirement.

A highly versatile feature, the Power4 selector unlocks never before seen levels of lighting versatility, allowing you to standardise your lighting with just one product that can adapted to your exact lighting needs. Needing to source multiple products for different lighting requirement is now a thing of the past with Power4 technology allowing just one product to be repurposed as many times as needed, saving you the time and hassle from installing multiple products.


Effortless Installation

Ease of installation was a core consideration in the design of the LED Weatherproofs, aiming to make the fitting process hassle-free.

Available in 4, 5 & 6ft sizes, we have utilised a quick fix, two-hinged design to allow for installation without having to disassemble the fitting. Furthermore, we’ve combined push fit terminals that require no tools to create the electrical connection, once again with easy installation in mind. Oh and did we mention they are completely weatherproof (the clue is in the name!)?


The Future is Bright

It’s no secret that LEDs are an incredibly efficient light source, using around 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs, lasting a remarkable 50,000 hours on average (a whopping 8-10 times longer than incandescent bulbs).

This fantastic efficiency is paired with equally great performance thanks to the Power4 internal selector which allows you to change to the lumen output to tailor the level of brightness to your preference.

What about emergency lighting? The brilliant LiFePO4 lithium battery is included in all emergency lighting options, ensuring LEDs stay illuminated and you are never left in the dark.

Adaptable to any situation, the LED Weatherproof range offers products that really can do it all.

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