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Chocbox 2 Screwless Connector Box

Deta’s Chocbox 2 (IM1602), a new screwless connector box offering 50% more wiring space than the original Chocbox and supplied with an 11-way mounting tray for the popular 221 connector.

Offering enhanced versatility, Deta’s Chocbox 2 Screwless Connector Box has improved upon the original Chocbox design with new features that aim to improve ease of use and adaptability.

Providing the latest multi-application solution for connector covers, junction boxes and even data telecom boxes, the Chocbox 2 delivers a comprehensive answer for all wiring functions.

The Chocbox Evolution

An addition to the original and highly successful Chocbox (IM1601), the Chocbox 2 is an extension to the range, now offering brand-new features. Equipped with 50% more wiring space than the original design, the Chocbox 2 continues to protect and insulate electrical connections, now with a broader range of potential applications than ever before. 


Swift Installation

Effortless to install, the Chocbox 2 provides fast hassle-free installation by incorporating an innovative screwless design and features such as push fit cable grips and a self-locking lid.

Cable grips can be used to secure cables with a simple press and provide strain relief to terminals. Once wiring is complete, close the push fit hinged lid to restrict access to live parts, ensuring safety at all times. 


Flexible Application

A versatile wiring solution, the Chocbox 2 is ideal for use as either a connector cover, junction box or data telecom box.

Supplied with an 11-way mounting tray for 221 connector (suitable for 32A 2,3 or 5-way versions), the Chocbox 2 is well suited to handle a variety of applications, such as for use as a lighting connector.

A true multi-purpose electrical installation accessory, the product accommodates a range of sizes from 3A to 30A connector strips, lever connectors and push in connectors.

Regulation Compliant

The Chocbox 2 has been designed to be compliant with all relevant regulations in order to ensure ongoing safety. Constructed from flame retardant polypropylene, the product is compliant with BS EN 60695-2-11:2014, meeting testing standards and verifying the product's ability to withstand heat and fire as required by the regulations.

The hinged lid includes a dual clip mechanism that requires a screwdriver to unclip and open, restricting access to live parts as required in the wiring regulations, without the need to use additional installation materials such as cable ties.

The Chocbox 2 is a versatile product that meets a huge variety of applications, all while prioritising the safety of the contractor and end user at all times.

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