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Brackenheath Launch New iSpot II Floodlight

Brackenheath are excited to announce the newest addition to its innovative range of floodlight lighting.

Offering a stylish new residential lighting solution, we introduce Brackenheath’s new iSpot II Frameless LED Floodlight (BR3530, BR3531, BR3532, BR3533, BR3534, BR3535, BR3536 & BR3537).

The latest lighting solution in our growing residential lighting range, the iSpot II continues to build upon the success of the original iSpot floodlights, now featuring an upgraded appearance, enhanced performance and improved cost savings.

A highly versatile range addition, the iSpot II is easy to install and operate, making it the perfect LED lighting solution for numerous areas within domestic properties. 


Unique Design

Sporting a design that is exclusive to the iSpot II, the new floodlight has been carefully constructed with an aesthetically appealing slim housing, providing a sleeker appearance and improved lighting output. Featuring a frameless lens constructed of toughened glass, the floodlight is housed in a high quality black aluminium body, being purpose made to reduce the potential for water or dust ingress, increasing the products lifespan without sacrificing it aesthetic or lighting efficiency.

ErP Complaint

In preparation for the upcoming update to ErP (Energy related Products) regulations that focus on high lumen watt performance, the iSpot II has an upgraded lumen output of 120lm/W to adhere with the new regulations. The improvements to the iSpot II go beyond the ErP regulations, helping to improve cost savings with a remarkable 21% average decrease in costs over the course of the products lifespan.

IP65 and PIR Potential

Not wanting to compromise on product quality, all variants of the iSpot II, including those with PIR capability, will be IP65 rated for total protection against dust and low-pressure jets of water from any direction. Incorporating a 220V-240V on-board driver and condensation release valve for continuous ventilation, the floodlight will continuously provide optimal performance, no matter the conditions they are faced with. Available in 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W versions, all products have respective PIR options, complete with full pan and tilt, manual override functionality, 10+/- 2m detection range in addition to adaptable lux, time and sensitivity settings. 

Streamlined Installation

Simplifying installation for installers, the iSpot II includes an extendable bracket that facilitates rotation even when positioned horizontally for PIR. Engineered with the installer in mind at all times, there is no requirement to remove the bracket during installation due to the option to drill the fixturing holes without detaching the floodlight. Ideal for installation in residential areas such as houses, driveways and patios, the iSpot II perfectly combines style and substance into an effective lighting solution.


The new iSpot II Frameless LED Floodlights (BR3530, BR3531, BR3532, BR3533, BR3534, BR3535, BR3536 & BR3537) are available now with a 3-year guarantee.


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