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THINK SMART: Everything you need to know about the current EV Charging Regulations

In ever changing times, new government legislation has been introduced that requires new build dwellings to be installed with smart EV chargers in preparation for the ongoing shift towards sustainable travel. Aiming to decrease environmental impact as well as improving ease of use for EV owners, smart EV chargers unlock new functionality that will revolutionise EV charging for millions around the UK.


What Defines a ‘Smart EV Charger’?

A bit of a buzzword within modern technology, ‘smart’ simply refers to technology’s ability to communicate and work with other networked technologies such as external apps or programmes. In terms of smart EV chargers, the charger itself may be able to link to a home/commercial power supply, allowing the charger to be managed remotely through third party programmes or apps.

Improving upon outdated ‘dumb’ chargers, where the only functionality is to provide electrical charge, smart EV chargers can include load management, restricted access, remote scheduling, session monitoring and so much more, providing users with a variety of continuously updated information that they can use to get the most out of their EV charging.


New Regulations

Brought in as part of ‘The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021’ and ‘The Public Charge Point Regulations 2023’, the regulations ensure that the experience of consumers using charge points across the UK is consistent and uses smart technology to increase ease-of-use. Supporting the transition to EVs and helping the UK reach climate targets, the regulations look to help improve four key areas of the consumer experience to ensure EV charging is straightforward and always readily available. Those four areas are as follows:

Locating – Consumers should easily be able to locate a charge point to suit their needs. This can be achieved by providing maps of smart EV charger placements via apps or the internet, providing EV users with directions to their nearest charge point as well as availability (informing users if it is currently being used).

Payment – Consumers should be able to quickly and efficiently make payments while using public chargers, either via a payment meter or via the internet or a dedicated app.

Charging Efficiency – Consumers should confidently be able to charge their vehicles from public charge points, being offered reliable rapid chargers that are in full working condition. Under no condition should a charger be drastically inefficient or unsafe for a user to operate.

Interlink Potential – Consumers should be able to make use of smart technology to accurately compare prices across multiple charge point networks via third party programs or software.

Enforced by the Office for Product Safety and standards (OPSS) on behalf of the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), non-compliance with these regulations is viewed as a serious issue and can result in corporate fines as well as trade embargo’s that can restrict the sale of the non-complaint ‘dumb’ chargers. In order to remain regulation compliant, all smart EV chargers should look to meet (and exceed where possible) the requirements of these four areas, using smart technology to improve the user experience to make EV charging easier than ever before.

Read the full SMART EV regulations:


Deta.e Charge App

Deta.e complies with all relevant legislation thanks to our smart EV chargers that are complete with a multitude of features, including the dedicated “Autel Charge” App that provides users with the ability to track, manage and optimise EV charging from smart phones or tablets. Available to download from (or App Store/Google Play), the Autel Charge app has been specifically developed to allow users to carry out vehicle charging in a way tailored to suit their lifestyles. Charging can be scheduled remotely to power up vehicles at the times that offer lower energy prices, and the battery charge status can be tracked whilst charging.

Delivering an excellent experience when charging at home, the Autel Charge app helps simplify the set-up process for users, having a QR code installed on the charge point for quick access to the set-up and configuration process. Additionally, the smart EV chargers can be conveniently charged via the app with an inbuilt auto start feature and charge scheduling, allowing users remotely begin charging at a time which suits them. For instance, a homeowner may schedule charging over night to take advantage of off-peak times to reduce energy cost. This is paired with the ability to view real-time charging statistics and monthly reports, letting interested users analyse key statistics such as energy usage, charge times and total spend.

Also packed with features for charging out on the road, the charge app allows you to control start/stop charging from your phone by scanning the unique QR code on a public charge point (alternatively can be accessed using assigned charge card). As well as offering similar controllability as home charging, the app also has real time updates, displaying the availability of public chargers in the local area surrounding the user, allowing them to quickly locate an available one and charge their vehicle without the frustration of waiting. Further adding to the charging experience, users also have the option to view site information of the smart EV charger they plan on visiting, providing the user with additional information that can help better inform their decision. Once the user has arrived, charging itself is equally as streamlined with the ability to add your credit card to the app, charging you directly following charging without having to waste time manually paying each time you visit a Deta.e charge point. Keeping it simple, once you receive a notification informing you of charging being complete, you are free to get back on the road!


The next step

Although we offer smart EV chargers that are fully regulation compliant, we are constantly looking to use innovation that pushes the boundaries of EV charger functionality. Keeping the customer in mind, we will continue to look to expand the ease of use for our smart EV charger range, fully utilising the Autel Charge app to provide EV owners with the best possible charging experience at home with the eVoom or eDock and out on the road with the eVoomXT.

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