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Deta Electrical Launches New Combined Optical Smoke & Heat Alarm along with New Wireless Alarm Controller

Deta are excited to announce the introduction of the Combined Optical Smoke and Heat Alarm 240V (1171) and Wireless Alarm Controller (1190)

Incorporating the latest in dual sensing technology, we introduce Deta's new Combined Optical Smoke and Heat Alarm (1171) with Wireless Alarm Controller (1190).

With the integration of both optical and heat sensors, the new alarm is well suited to demanding environments, such as loft spaces, while the Wireless Alarm Controller offers peace of mind through remote management at the touch of a button.

A new addition to the Deta’s main powered safety alarm range, the new multi-sensor fire alarm combines both optical (smoke) and heat sensing technology, enabling a wider range of applications across the household whilst the wireless alarm controller provides an accessible testing solution.


Dual Sensing, Enhance Versatility

The new alarm can be installed in demanding locations such as lofts or attics where high volumes of dust tend to collect, a problem that renders traditional optical alarms impractical due to their tendency to trigger false alarms (multi-sensor alarms are required for photovoltaic installations where the invertor is fitted within the loft space). Thanks to this increased versatility, the new alarm is an ideal fire safety solution for all household areas, including the previously problematic loft or attic spaces.


Mains Powered and Sealed Lithium Battery

Mains powered with a sealed for life lithium battery with a 10-year expected life, this alarm is designed to last through continuous operation. The sealed for life battery removes the need to replace the battery, saving time, money and hassle spent replacing batteries in the alarm which may be located in hard-to-reach places such as attics or lofts.


Wired & Wireless Interlink Capability

The new combination alarm offers hard wired interlink potential by allowing connection with up to twelve (12) Deta mains powered optical, heat and carbon monoxide alarms for complete coverage (compatible with 1163, 1164, 1165, 1166 & 1169 models).

Alternatively, radio frequency function allows for alternative interlink function of up to fifty (50) combined optical smoke and heat alarm alarms (1171).


Easy Installation

An easy to install 2-part assembly, the new combination alarm contains a separate alarm head and push fit mounting base. Featuring plenty of wiring space, the mounting base is also equipped with a foam gasket whereas the alarm head incorporates a high visibility dust cover to limit dust ingress during installation, with a fly lead connector to reconnect the alarm.


Wireless Controller

Compatible with the new Wireless Alarm Controller (1190), the Combination Alarm (1171) can be paired to the controller through a radio frequency connection. This enables testing and silencing of alarm remotely, providing an ideal control solution for alarms in difficult to reach areas such as high ceilings or attics.

The wireless controller is battery powered and supplied with 2 x AA batteries, along with a wall mounted cradle for safe keeping and easy access of the controller.


The new Combined Optical and Heat Alarm (1171) and Wireless Alarm Controller (1190) are available now with a 5 year-guarantee.

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