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Slimline Part M Range Expands to Include NEW USB Socket

Deta is pleased to unveil the expanded Slimline Part M range, which will now include the new USB Outboard Rocker Socket (S1455).  

Deta Slimline Part M range is designed in accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document M to allow ease of use by those with physical limitations or are visually impaired. Products featured throughout the range include outboard switches, wide rocker switches and neon indicators, all which include visually contrasting grey faceplates and white rockers. 

Introduction of USB Option 

Deta continues to expand the Slimline Part M Range with the addition of a new USB Outboard Rocker Socket (S1455).  

Delivering up to 4.0A simultaneous charging current, the new S1455 is equipped with one Type C USB and two Type A USB ports to offer a flexible USB charging solution.  

IC technology incorporated within the USB module detects connected devices and automatically optimises charging to ensure efficient high-speed charging of devices. 

The new USB Outboard Rocker Socket (S1455) is available now with a 2 year-guarantee. 

View the full Slimline Part M range.  

The Building Regulations Approved Document M  

Part M of the Building Regulations aims to guarantee accessibility to switches, outlets and controls for people with limited mobility and is a legal requirement for many buildings. Part M compromises of two volumes, Volume 1 (Dwellings) and Volume 2 (Buildings other than Dwellings) and includes the provision of wide doorways, ramped access for wheelchairs, design of handrails, stairwells and so on. 

With respect to switches, outlets and controls there are design considerations that should be taken into consideration where the key factors are easy of operation, visibility, height and freedom of obstruction. 

Visibility – Users should be able to locate a control (e.g. light switch) and know what setting it is on without inadvertently changing it. Controls will commonly be visually contrasting to be more convenient for visually impaired people to locate.  

Positioning – To allows users with physical limitations to still access controls without unnecessary strain, with positioning outlined in Volume 2 as below: 

  • Light Switches: 900 and 1100mm from the floor and align horizontally with door handles.  
  • Other Switches: 400 and 1200mm from the floor (note certain applications may require different position) 
  • Socket Outlets: 400 and 1000mm from the floor and 350mm from room corners.  

Volume 1 (Dwellings) Learn more 

Volume 2 (Buildings other than Dwellings) Learn more 

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